Personalized Health Education For
Health IT Developers


Personal. Good for the body, mind and soul.

Deliver personal, one-to-one education, that empowers your customers to make better health decisions and energizes positive health experiences. They’ll feel in control, engaged and confident, and more likely to participate, comply, and stay connected.

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Modern. Connected. Experiences.

SimplyHealth is simple to launch and manage, and lets you make a difference by focusing on healthy outcomes, not technology. Improve your customer’s perception with quality service that garners trust and collaboration.

Good for business

Improved perception, quality and trust.

Drive positive business health with modern technology that lowers costs, improves quality and satisfaction. Make consumer experience a competitive differentiator, and stay relevant and connected to your customers throughout their health journey.

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Personalized Health Education API

API Access


API Documentation


Generate a personalized, turnkey education entry point with a single API call

CALL: code to generate a unique personalized entry point into the SimplyHealth App via the SimplyHealth APIRESPONSE:{UNIQUEID}

Platform Features

Complete Health Reference & Education Library

End-to-end coverage of health topics for a complete digital experience, including:

  • Complete Health Library
  • Rich Media & Visual Aids
  • Wellness and Prevention
  • Interactive Tools
  • Procedure & Care Instructions
  • ...more
Personalized health education app for consumers
Personalized health education content selector for providers

Patient Empowerement Tools

Professional tools for care teams to facilitate positive health outcomes

  • Intelligent Content Selection
  • Interactive Feedback
  • Population Health Dashboard
  • Individual Health Dashboard

Intelligence & Insights

Powerful data analytics and tracking made to uncover trends and opportunities for engagement

  • Complete Consumer-grade Engagement Metrics
  • Data-driven Content Automation
  • Consumption Metrics
  • Health Outcomes Tracking
  • Behavior Change Visualization
Personalized health education engagement dashboard